Dishwasher Repair

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You don’t need to put up with the inconvenience of a dishwasher that is broken down. You don’t need to wash your dishes by hand or let lots of dirty dishes accumulate up in the sink.

When your dishwasher breaks down, call us immediately at Choice Carmel Appliance Repair for same-day repairs. We will send out an experienced and certified technician with the tools needed and right parts for your job. He will check out your dishwasher and fix the broken part or replace it on a single and rapid service call.

We appreciate what a pain it is to have a dishwasher that is not doing its job, so we are proud to give you fast, competent, friendly, and professional service.



Call us if your dishwasher begins to make loud noises. These noises are because the pump housing is broken, the motor bushing is damaged, or a washer arm bearing is shot. You need to have these things fixed or the next thing will be a very quiet washer because it is not working. Call us for quick and professional repairs on the same day.

As soon as you are done mopping up the water from your leaking dishwasher, call us for same-day repairs. We may have to replace the door latch, which is a frequent reason for dishwashers leaking and we may have to repair a water inlet valve that has failed. We always carry parts and tools for dealing with leaking dishwashers for Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, and other major brands.


When your dishwasher does not start, make sure that it is plugged in and be sure to check that the circuit breaker is not turned off. When these are alright, but the appliance will not start, you typically have a damaged electronic control, burned out thermal fuse, door latch that is broken, or a broken motor relay. We can repair any of these issues on a same-day visit.


The dishwasher has to fill with water to wash your dishes and then rinse them. And it must drain the water so that the dishes can dry. When the dishwasher does not fill up properly, there is a broken door switch, damaged float switch, or a water inlet valve that is not working. When a dishwasher does not drain, the drain hose is blocked or damaged or the drain pump motor may be broken.


When your dishes are still dirty after an otherwise OK cycle, there may be a broken filter, water tube, housing gasket, or spray arm. Carmel Appliance Repair always carries the manufacturer parts for repairs for each of these frequent dishwasher issues.


When your dishwasher does not dry dishes correctly, it usually has a broken rinse aid dispenser, damaged thermostat, or non-functioning heating element. Please, don’t start drying dishes by hand. We can fix this problem right away.


Detergent or soap is needed in order to wash dishes instead of just rinsing them. Your dishes won’t get clean when the wax motor is broken, a timer is damaged, or the bi-metal release is shot.